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Flame Trooper flamethrower

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Hi Guys,


I'm starting to make a 3D modeling of the flamethrower for 3D printing. Making it based on the photos posted here. Would really love to get some feedbacks! :)


This is the overall rough shape






Small details






Current progress





Hope to get some feedbacks! :)



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I've studied this thing in person and in photos, and I have to admit that it is looking really good. Keep it up!

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Hi Guys,


Sorry for slow update... been really busy with work... i've managed to do some parts, at this rate i hope i can finish the 3D before the end of this week and if the overall shape looks accurate enough and you guys approves, i'll do a prototype print :)


here they are!





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Hi guys! The 3D modelling is finished and up for review! This was made based on the reference photos posted in the forum, the hasbro toy and some illustrations.


Looking forward to all the comments! 😀ðŸ‘











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That works wonderfully. Immaculate work Kevin. I can't wait to see if printed. Any plans to work on the tank pack?

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If i manage to print this successfully (and assemble it) i will continue with the whole armor kit Todd, i can start with the tank first if you want to 😀



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Also i know we don't have lots of official/proper references yet but i would really love to get some feedback on the accuracy based on whats available out there if possible 😀



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Did a little revision on the stock, grip and nozzle. And just got the quote from the 3D printing place... I might wait until we have something on screen before i print it because its really expensive to print this, otherwise if i miss some details/mechanism i'll have to reprint it x_x the overall length of the flamethrower is 115cm

















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Outstanding. I can't say what the overall length is even after seeing it in person. I wish I would have had some sort of measurement device at CVII. Your work looks SPOT ON.

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Thanks Todd! Basically its ready to print, ive cut them down into 10+ parts as well... But yeah i think i have to be a bit more patient and make sure everything is ok 😀 in the meantime i will start working on the tank.


I will use the hero series for reference, do you think its accurate enough? At the moment its the only thing i have for reference :/





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