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Flame Trooper flamethrower

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I'm hoping to finish the backtank by the end of january, went to look for some portable smoke gun to install inside the back tank so we can spray some smoke with this. Would love to make one that shoots flame, but i think we'll get in trouble for that




I was thinking somewhat along the same line, except I wanted it to shoot bubbles :)

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Hi Guys,


Terribly sorry for the slow update. We've started on doing the mold, some parts are finished while some are still waiting to dry. we ran out of materials and will have to get more tomorrow.


Will try making a prototype out of resin and see if it can be light and durable enough for troops!







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Another piece done. Still trying to figure out a way to ship the kit to US as well... The price is crazy expensive... Might have to use sea freight :/





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Looks good, might I suggest you sell the 3D print files etc. If the actual kit is cost prohibitive to ship then at least you can make an income off the work you've done by selling the file?


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Sorry for another slow update! Finished the first resin part. I'm using a ship resin so it should be quite flexible and strong 😀 its still a bit rough, i'll clean it up with dremel once i got all the parts


Doing major revision on the stock and the front of the flamethrower because i found some inaccuracies so I'm gonna need to print those parts again and make silicone mold again.


Heres a video of the stress test as well. I think it should be strong enough for troops ya ðŸ˜







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Doing the resin for all the part except the stock (we need to add some details with clay) and the front bit is currently printing 😀


Will post more update once i have more parts finished!





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