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Blackwatch Imperial Army Engineer Build

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Update 1: My webbing just came in. I will have my straps done in thirty minutes.

Update 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6: I have all the parts ready, and have taken photos of everything we have.


Update 7 8 9 10 and 11:



With the change to the crl proposal I scrapped mine harness rig and started from scratch. I ordered more pouches for the crl and I will be building up the snaps that will go on to the pouches. It may take a day or two for the pouches to come in. I finished my harness with triglides last night.


Update 13




I remade the harness AGAIN so that it would fit my shoulders, and follow them vs poking up like Commander Spock shoulders. This time I proportioned the curve to fit ME better, and moved the front of the belt up, moving the horizontal strap down to my mid shoulderblades. I consider this a complete redo.


I took yet another set of photos, one WITH and one WITHOUT goggles, in case the LMO decides against the use of goggles.


With Goggles




Without goggles











goggles as worn in the comics







Change 4 log photos, dated 15 APRIL , the latest and greatest per the CRL proposals


Change 4.1 added photo of modified puoches and gloves for comparisoon














Goggles on, per the original art






Change 4 log:


Added padded hand backs to the gloves, I found a set in the UK but he would only ship locally, they were on Ebay and quite literally perfect!

I also added the snaps and little straps to the pouches. I am waiting on another big pouch to arrive to put on my belt at the back. Original art for comparison. You can see the snaps and the big glove blocks. i need to paint the snaps tomorrow.







Change 3 log:


I have changed the coveralls per the new CRL, and added a couple more pouches to the belt.

The coveralls are changed to reflect the new CRL proposal with leg cargo pockets with flaps, stuffed to appear full, I took off the lower leg patch pockets and took off the SAPPER tabs. I added a notched greeblie to my old Gina hat Ive had for years. No other changes made other than whats listed above.


Change 3 photos:
















End of Change log.




My Imperial Engineer & Pioneer are underway.


As you can see from my status bar, I have my hat and boots and suit done. I ordered three pairs of the recommended glove (they were on sale! ) Part of my harness is complete, my two inch webbing will be here soon and I can knock that out in an hour. Ill need a black web belt. Im also awaiting the patches which I ordered from the WTF page. I need to tweak this suit suit for better fit.

I am making my own tabs for this project. Until I can get a proper source for these, I am working with dimensional fabric paint and embroidered edges. Im flipping the channel back to 2008 when we didnt buy, we made (cause we didnt have vendors making stuff like we do now).


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Just a quick update. Some of my pouches are in, and my Pioneer gloves are in. The gloves that were linked in the resource list fit me perfectly , free shipping, and on sale for under four USD!!!!


I still need to tighten things up on the suit, my wife has been using the sewing machine thi week but I will get the suit sloppiness sorted out.


I am still waiting on m belt and the last of my pouch3s, and patches.

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My belt came in today, and TIEmlord received webbing so I can make up his harness Sunday at the work day.


We will get photos this weekend. Im waiting on my handcuff pouches and patches. My wife is trying to embroider the tab now.

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The first tab is done!!!!! There Take a look at the trials; there were two total failures, and one that almost made it.

This is almost four complete hours of work on my wifes part, using her home embroidery machine that she normally uses for her business. this is on the "Army Green " fabric from Joanns.


I am VERY happy to see this happen!!!!!!




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XXEeem1.jpgREVIEW PHOTOS for the Imperial Pioneer:

Soft cap (missing greeblie notch detail, It was windy and I had to switch from my SewingJenny with the right notched disk to my old Gina hat with a standard disk) .

Converted coveralls with four pockets, chest and lower front, snap on the mandarin collar.

Imperial Army patches with olive green rocker tab. Patch and tab are spaced per the CRL reference photos.

Short gloves with three lines on the back, no straps or buckles.

TIE boots used with all my other uniforms.

Black ALICE pistol belt,with three MA47 handcuff pouches and triple mag pouch, laid out per the CRL .

Black webbing harness with ALICE hooks attaching it to the ALICE belt.

Photos taken indoors, and outdoors, alongside TIEmlord TI11561.





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i fixed my harness more to my liking, and I painted the buckles on my boots Tamiya metallic grey.


If it is not storming tomorrow I plan to take new photos.


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Ok, so here is the final set of photos which we had to take in the front driveway because the ligth in the back of the house was fading fast.


Corrections from my last set of photos:


A: SewingJenny hat with correct greeblie with notch, vs my original Gina hat with standard disk.

B: moved my belt up and redid my harness for better fit.

C: painted my buckles on the boots dark metallic grey.




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Ah Well i definitely was including him and everyone that has been working on this. I have seen the hard work everyone has put in including him especially :D So it was an everyone good job.

Good job for building the costume so good job all around for everyone :D

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Its the automotive workwear brand CT10 coveralls. I can send you the collar conversion pattern if youll pm me your email. Youll need a second suit to cut up, i generally use a big chunk of one arm or legto make the collar. Mines 28" end to end when you lay it out to sew it.

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With the CRL changes for the Engineer coming , i pulled my patch tabs and front pockets off. The new leg cargo pockets will go on tonight.

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With the CRL changes for the Engineer coming , i pulled my patch tabs and front pockets off. The new leg cargo pockets will go on tonight.


Awesome, man. Post pics! I can't wait to see it!

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i will as soon as i can. I REALLY want to get this done ASAP.


Saturday I tripped over a mouse droid that parked in front of me and fell into a wall stretching my forefinger backwards. it hurts like hell at times. I picked the stuff clean and I can make a new flap out of the pocket I pulled off the front, and make a new pocket from an old pair of coveralls I have. I just dont feel up to pulling the leg seam apart and putting the pocket on tonight. I just finished airbrushing my Bandai ATAT in the fading light, and my finger said its done for the night. Maybe friday night, I have a model meeting tomorrow night.

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