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Crookknight's Shadow Scout Build Thread

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I will finally be building a Shadow Scout. This is something I have wanted to do for some time and I actually won the armor from Walt's Trooper Factory. Should have it in a couple of weeks. Considering I have never built a Scouttrooper, this should be interesting. Going to post my progress here so I can get any advice that I might need. Looking forward to it.


I only have the hard armor coming to me, so I will have to find all of the other pieces. I am assuming I can find everything I need (or guidance) within this Detachment page.


Armor: Walt's Trooper Factory

Helmet: Walt's Trooper Factory

Gloves: Crow Props

Boots: Crow Props

Cumberbund: Crow Props

Neck Seal: Crow Props

Vest: Crow Props

Flight Suit:




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Wondering if I could get everyone's opinion on 2 different types of flight suits. One costs $48 USD and the other is $184 USD. I am looking for accuracy and if one does better in heat.


Option 1. This is the less expensive version.


TRU-SPEC Poly / Cotton Twill 27/P Flight Suits

The TRU-SPEC flight suit was inspired by the design of U.S. Flyers 27-P coveralls and is ideal for both flight and ground crews. This Mil-Spec garment features a 7-pocket design with a 2-way front zipper for easy on-off functionality. With plenty of room to keep equipment on your person, the pocket configuration includes two chest pockets, two waist pockets, two extra-large calf pockets and a vertical zip pocket with bellowed pen/pencil slots. Built from a 65% polyester / 35% cotton twill fabric, it offers the job-specific characteristics of a genuine military flight suit without a fire-retardant or nomex material.


Features of TRU-SPEC Poly / Cotton Twill 27/P Flight Suits

Meets Mil-Spec FNS / PD 96-17

Two slant chest pockets with a zipper closure

One zipper pocket on the left shoulder

Velcro pencil pocket located on top of the left shoulder pocket

Two calf pockets

One Velcro pocket located on the right calf pocket

2-way front zipper

Ankle zipper closures

Gusseted back for a high-mobility fit

Hook-and-loop waist tabs

Made in China




Option 2: The more expensive option.



Propper CWU 27/P Nomex Flight Suits

When you want a high-quality, flame-resistant coverall that's identical to those worn by all U.S. flight crews, look no further than the Propper CWU 27/P Nomex Flight Suit. As one of the leading suppliers of apparel the U.S. military, Propper knows how to make a tried-and-true military garment. Built from non-melting Nomex fabric, it keeps you protected without weighing you down. This flight suit features six primary pockets with zipper closures and a gusseted, bi-swing back for a full range of motion. Sewn to military specification FNS/PD 96-17 (MIL-C-83141A), it offers toughness with every stitch.


Features of Propper CWU 27/P Nomex Flight Suits

92% meta-aramid / 5% para-aramid / 3% conductive fibers

Sewn to Mil-Spec FNS/PD 96-17 (MIL-C-83141A)

Same design as those worn by all U.S. flight crews

Two-way front zipper with pull

Adjustable waist with hook-and-loop fastener

Flame-resistant material

Gusseted, bi-swing back

Felled seams

Zippered leg openings

Two thigh pockets with zipper closures

Two zippered shin pockets

Knife pocket located on the left inseam

Covered pen pocket/zippered pocket on the left sleeve




Of course, if you know of other options, please let me know.

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I'd go for the first option for the flight suit. Nomex can get pretty steamy and for what we use the coveralls for, the Nomex is not worth the price. Plus, you could always get 2 of the other suits if you ever troop back to back and don't have time to wash.


That said, Wampa Wear does sell a plain black suit that could work for you too. Not having to remove pockets makes things a bit easier. ;)

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Worked on the helmet some this weekend:

Added bondo and sanded many times.  Still have to cut out vents at the ears and the hole for the visor.










Added the first coat (of many to come) of the gray fillable and sandable primer.











Next I will sand again that add either Spot Potty or more primer.  Will also work on the visor and faceplate.

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1 hour ago, tgreen0626 said:

are you going for Specialist level?  I thought the ear holes were not allowed for Specialist.

Not sure.  This is what the CRL states for Level 2:

"Ear holes are correctly shaped and have no mesh."

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9 hours ago, tgreen0626 said:

are you going for Specialist level?  I thought the ear holes were not allowed for Specialist.

The ear holes are allowed, just can't have the mesh for L2.

8 hours ago, CrookKnight said:

Not sure.  This is what the CRL states for Level 2:

"Ear holes are correctly shaped and have no mesh."

That is correct, you can have the holes there, just can't have the mesh.

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