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Future of the Imperial Army *7/10 Update*

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We currently have two approved Imperial Army CRLs. They are:


Imperial Army Trooper - https://databank.501...al_army_trooper (Will no longer be valid for approval after 7/22/2018)

Imperial Army Engineer - https://databank.501...l_army_engineer


Please note that the current Imperial Army Trooper CRL is inaccurate and does not have supporting references. The current Imperial Army Trooper CRL will no be valid for approval after 7/22/2018 and will be replaced by the accurate SW:E version on Monday 7/23/2018. 


The current list of in progress CRLs with supporting references are:

Imperial Army Trooper (SW:E) - http://forum.specops501st.com/index.php?/topic/5797-new-crl-proposal-imperial-army-trooper-swe/

Imperial Army Combat Engineer - http://forum.specops501st.com/index.php?/topic/5715-crl-development-combat-engineer/

Lt. Janek "Tank" Sunber - http://forum.specops501st.com/index.php?/topic/5541-new-crl-proposal-lieutenant-janek-sunber-swe/

Imperial Army Officer - http://forum.specops501st.com/index.php?/topic/5832-new-crl-proposal-imperial-army-officer-various-sources/

The Mud Trooper (Solo: A Star Wars Story) http://forum.specops501st.com/index.php?/topic/5896-new-crl-development-mud-trooper/


We're excited to see the roster grow and have more troopers join our ranks!



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I cant wait to see the mudtrooper and army officer crls based on Solo! I've seen it 3 times and there's tons of variations! I like how Beckett has armor, a rank bar, green raincoat, and an Imperial hat with goggles on it! There's some great looks in those scenes!

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Its moving along.  Ive been on several CRL teams, and considering just how many there are in development, this is going at a good rate. 

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News from the CRL Team and LMOs:

  • We are making headway on the Mudtrooper CRL see the first post for a link to the discussion. Feel free to chime in and share your knowledge.


  • The accurate SW:E version of the Imperial Army Trooper will go live on Monday, 7/23/2018, and will replace the current Trooper CRL. This means that any costume that is being built to the current Trooper standards needs to be submitted and approved by 7/22/2018. That's about 2 weeks away. The current IA Trooper CRL will no longer be valid after 7/22/2018.
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