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WIP Del Meeko

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Wow my post didnt go through! guess I didnt SEND IT! hard enough. 

heres some things I note looking things over, and after writing the CRL.  I would invite you to take a look at our evidence and discussion on the CRL to see how we determined things 

Del Meeko CRL discussion

Your suit looks like twill, however all of our research shows that its a heavy, structured fabric like canvas. There is a definite , strong weave to the suit the way the game model was made, which has a structure that actually casts shadows.  The structure looks similar the cordura nylon fabric used  on the tactical vest. 

The scout pouches need to be flipped to match the game model and CRL 

The greeblies are silver on Del.  Thet typical scout TD with open end caps are Ok for L1 approval, but if you want to go specialist, a game accurate Det with plugged end caps will be needed.   

Cant see your commpad, but on Del its worn upside down compared to the rest of the Legion.  For Specialist, it would be a game specific commpad. 

The D ring on the Mg34 pouch should be cut off, its not present on the game model.


Good luck, hope this helps.  

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I have checked the photos and sadly i can see some inaccuracies there.
The top of the hanging box looks like it is cut out. Codecylinders are not accurate.
The inferno logo on the left arm is turned to the wrong side.
The compad is wrong and upside down.
The scout pouches are worn on the wrong sides.
The detonator shouldnt have black and red greeblies. They should appear in silver. Tubes and end caps of the detonator are wrong.
Ripstop material for the flightsuit is inaccurate. The game textures clearly show a texture of heavy canvas or canvas like material.
There is a short strap with a metal ring on ypur shoulder pouch which shouldnt be there.
The little pocket you are wearing besides the 3 Ammo pouches on his vest is not accurate anymore. It should be a block made of canvas or canvas like material.
The black rivets at the straps of the hanging box are also inaccurate.
The scout style belt should be worn on top of the officers belt. On the back side you can see that it is worn beside/below the officers belt. 

And the Scout belt is just a simple Scout belt. You can see it on the outer boxes of the plastic part. They are just square shaped. Inferno Squad scout style belt outer boxes having a different shape


If you need game references to all this points just feel free to pm me.




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Ok, got all that. However the flightsuit. To wear a canvas material in my climate here will be like standing in the sun. So that been said, I would not spend a crap load of money on yet another suit. The belt also I am aware now the greeblies have to be silver. That I admit I over looked. So has been fixed. Strap on ammo pouch cut. And patch turned correct. 

The rest of the changes will have to wait. I need to weigh up if I am willing to continue to spend more money on the kit. 

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i have to wonder, based on my own experience with sintra, if you could make sintra  or other plastic boxes to slip over the existing scout boxes to bulk them up to the shape required. 

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