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Presenting the EVO Trooper


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So I present my EVO Trooper, the result of the secret build I had going on!


Here's the pic, hehe I'm so excited!





:D :D :D

:D :D :D

:D :D :D



EDIT: I just realized that this was my 200th post!

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DUDE!!!!! we totally need more pics than that! Looks great!!


we need pics from all sides and details along with all your reference photos.... That's killer, Hopefully we can get this added to the roster first pass!

(if those are already submitted to your gml, then we should see them on the Legion boards)

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five-zero - That looks Fantastic! Congrats and I'd say the armour is spot on compared to the reference pics as well.


Really nicely weathered!


Looking at the pack it looks to be the similar to your Nova Pack, a new tube over the top, and a few tweaks little mods. Are you thinking of doing a build or just doing removable mods for your Nova pack?


Really Well Done!

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Thanks a bunch guys!!!! I'm so flippin excited I woke up at 3 AM (the time of this post) because I wanted to see if my GML sent the pics along, but it looks like he hasn't quite yet (considering I sent them to him late at night I wouldn't expect him to)


I probably won't be able to get the other pics up until later since I have class today then straight off to work. Unfortunately you all will probably have to wait a bit. :P


ELP, I did a new build for the pack. Some of the parts are blue like the Sandtrooper packs and it would have been a pain to switch out and the hose running around also made things worse. Finally the weathering complicated things too.


I'm so excited!!!!!:D

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Alright here's the full 360 pics for you guys.





Right Side:






Left Side:



Some minor things to work on. The belt needs to be secured some way, those pouches really drag it down. The legs need to be adjusted a bit so I don't keep popping the kneeplates off. Finally I need to find a better way for the hoses to run into the chest box (I'm thinking some rare earth magnets). But they are just minor things I noticed after wearing this (yes these are pics of the very first test fit).


Overall I am extremely pleased with how it turned out (looks like you guys are too!). I was mostly worried about the weathering and that maybe I had done a little too much. But it looks like it all tied in together very nicely.


Hopefully I'll hear back in the next few days on this thing. :D

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Five Zero ... FANTASTIC!!!


That pack looks Great!


And not to add more work to your pile but ... uhm ... Once you're approved, and if you wanted to, feel free to send over pictures I can edit so we'll be ready to go should the powers that be ask for CRL pics ;) .

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Thanks again for the comments everyone! Glad everyone's liking it!!!


My GML looked them over real quick last night, but he has a very busy weekend (It is Halloween weekend after all) and won't be able to get them posted for the LMOs to look at for a couple days. His only worries were the weathering (he thought it was a bit much as well) and the brow trim was a bit wonky on the helmet. Both of these are very easy fixes if they become issues. A little bit (okay well a lot) of rubbing alcohol should tone that weathering down no problem. ;)


ELP, I should have some time now that I don't have to work on this thing. I do plan to take a small break from armor builds (unless I get extremely bored). Once it's approved though, I'll start rolling on pictures for ya (I forgot that approval=another CRL).


Also after it's approved I'll post up a details thread that shows how I did everything and how all the little details were made.

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Alright so I've received a little feedback. They want me to take a few shots of the shoulders and knees. I might have to rebuild them, if they decide so (so I'm going to start preparing for that). It'll also look like I'll need to tone the weathering down a bit (no problem, nothing a little rubbing alcohol won't solve). Finally I found some thicker brow trim since they feel my current trim is a little thin.

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Ty - That's great! For a new costume, and all the eyes that have looked at it, that's not a lot to correct. Then you'll be the first for another costume! Well done!


Don't forget the pictures when you get approved ;) !

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Yeah approval will still be a little off. The LMOs are going to do a full blown review of the thing (it isn't a painted stormtrooper so it makes sense). At least they haven't said much about the helmet (other than brow trim). I would probably cry if they said rebuild it :D


Pics will come don't worry ;)

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New knees and shoulders will need to be built. I've already started on the knees. I probably won't get to the shoulders until late next week.


I've also started on reducing the weathering.


Some finishing touches need to be applied to the helmet. The camera flash revealed some parts I forgot to finish completely.


So I'll try to get everything worked out as soon as possible. :D

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  • 3 weeks later...

Alright new parts are all made and just need some paint to finish them off. So hopefully I'll get new pics taken in the next couple days and I'll have it resubmitted soon! :D

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  • 1 month later...

FINALLY got around to taking some pictures (December was a bit busy for me...). So here's the new setup :D


I also have lost about 30 pounds since the last photo session so everything was a bit loose fitting and made it quite hard to get pictures taken but we finally succeeded .



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