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ATA/CAP Magma Trooper (Cancelled - see pg. 7)

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Yay Goodluck with your build the people on here know a lot so don't be afraid to ask them. I'm rather new and finishing up my Magma on Saturday at an armor party. So glad we have more Magmas joining the bunch.

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sometimes I think you smaller fellas have it good, fitting into your suits with a bit of foam padding. Just don't get caught in a stiff breeze and blow away ;)

I keed I keed.. im old and big (and even a little bit.. fat.. and bald.. but I digress..)


So far so good :)


Not that I know much , but I would say hold off on any heatgun work until you have the full body done. You might find it all comes together better once you make that big shell of a body (if you know what I mean.. I don't)

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One thing I would have to mention as well once you put it on with the under armor it actually ends up sliding on very easy. I trimmed the arms because I thought they wouldn't fit based off of bare skin once I had the under armor on fit perfectly. Just once example. I don't know too much not an expert as i botched my helmet and have to redo it but that was one thing i noticed. :) looks good though.

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did you 'rough up' the join bits? sometimes superglue wont hold if its trying to grab a shiny surface and you missed a bit with the sandpaper. Also, let it sit clamped for way longer than you want too.. just so it sticks, then maybe put the reinforcing strips on the inside of the join so it is all glues together on both sides (if you know what I mean).


You are right on the metabolism thing.. at 19 I was 65kg.. at 41 im 100kg (more muscle than fat... or so I keep telling myself). I installed an expandable waist and "longer than needed right now" belt just incase ;)


keep it up brother (or should that be 'nephew'...)

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nice work on the helmet. My shadow stormtrooper helmet is a modified EFX, and I really like it. It's certainly heavy-duty compared to all of my CAP, AP, ATA, and T/MC buckets. It can take a beating.

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Man on man, that's a nasty crack! I hope you can fix that. Otherwise, try contacting ATA. He has been known to come through in a jiffy for parts like that as opposed to the long wait for entire kits.

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