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Carlos's Shadow Scout WIP

Force Crush

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Woot! Awesome to hear Carlos! Here's a few pics of my flight suit that might help.


Back with Flap






Mandarin Collar



The material is black suede from Tandy leather but you can use faux suede if you want. Hope that helps some. I'll try to hunt down the riding patch pattern if I can and post it up for you but it's kinda based on the person wearing it so it might be worth working through that with your suit on.

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No it's not required per the CRL on the 501st site. That being said I would recommend one as it really rounds out the "look" and gives the upper armor more texture with the sleeves coming out under the shoulder bells. Again, it's optional but it is something you might want to consider.


Check out Sall's and Antje's build threads they both made vests.

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I have a Chef vest which I love. I use that for both my Biker Scout and my Shadow Scout. You can PM him here and see if he's available. You can also make one yourself if you're so inclined. There is a great tutorial for making a vest and I can see if I can post it here if you're interested.

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May be this is a good reference for you concerning the mudflap ...the length measurement is proportional to your thigh lenght and depends on how long your legs are

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