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Custom FemMando

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So after much deliberation and debate the finalists for my wife's costume were....


Mistryl Shadow Guard








And my personal favorite :woot:


Darth Talon




Now the sheer fact that my wife could actually pull off any one of those three makes me a very and I mean VERY happy trooper. However, she pretty much solidified the whole "till death do us part" thing when she requested a full set of custom Mando armor!


And here it is...






Please forgive my very lackluster artistic ability but this should give you a pretty good idea of what we're shooting for. I will also be making two custom pistols and a large custom sniper rifle from toy guns and a lightsaber. As well as a customized pack based off of a "TESLA gun" I found on Ebay. Virtually all of the pieces of this costume are on the way to my house as we speak so stay tuned for what should be an epic build :D

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The Fem Mando looks great!

Any idea about the color scheme?


Well she said she wanted to look like smoke and ash. She specifically requested to look like someone who kills people for a living and did not want a "girly" mando. This was a complete surprise to me but hey what wifey wants wifey gets. The flightsuit is black and the vest is charcoal grey. The gloves, holster and ammo pouches are worn black leather with silver metal studs. The boots are still up in the air on charcoal grey or black leather. The insignias and any mando lettering will be in a dark blood red and the girth belt will be a dark grey.


The actual plates themselves are going to be female shaped and painted a combination of blacks greys and even a little mist of white to create the smoke/ash effect. Once the project is "finished" and finances are in order I'm going to order what's called a "Thermochromic" paint to cover the plates. I'm taking it to a professional painter for that part. Hopefully that paint will really create the effect of ever-changing smoke.




The paint goes from black to clear base on slight temperature changes so I figure if it is painted over the top of a multicolored plate the multicolored shades of grey will periodically show through the black for the desired effect. Hopefully no photo of the armor will ever look exactly the same ! :thumbsup:


The helmet is on layaway right now and I am hoping to have it by April. It will be a cold cast Saz Krayt 1:1 probably with a brass coated dragon and aluminum coat helmet. As far as color scheme for the helmet we still haven't come up with anything official.




The backpack already has a rustic aluminum paint job so we'll see when it gets here if it will need repainting.




The pirate wheel will be removed and mando merc logos will be substituted. The funny thing is the pack was originally used as a gun of some type but it's size is good enough for a small mando pack possibly with some PVC pipes added to the sides for jets and maybe a good missile head on the top.


Oh and the original drawing showed a single bladed pistol but I was able to find matching pistols that I hope to paint something like this:




That one is on ebay for $27 all together but I was able to find the same gun unpainted for $7 since I'm confident I can paint it myself.


Also missing from the original drawing is another request from wifey for a sniper BFG. I'm going to put this gun together with a lightsaber for that.

The gun arrived today, here's a pic of it next to "old faithful" for size comparison.




I won't dare use "old faithful" for the blaster barrel as it was used by me dressed as Darth Maul for the opening of episode I many years ago but I have two sabers from ebay coming that I picked up for a measly seven bucks.


Whew that's all for now...

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Dear santa...I know its a while before you come back, however if you could convince my girl to be a Mistryl Shadow Guard...I would be eternally grateful!


I think the MSG is still do-able as a budget costume so I may have a build thread for that up once I have everything on this done but the helmet :thumbsup:

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First Hiccup already. The gloves we ordered pretty much look like :yucky: hmmm... can't think if a word that would make it through the filters and the "small" flightsuit for a "32 inch" chest pretty much fits me... I have a 40" chest :angry: Ah well no costume is without hiccups. Hopefully some better news on the horizon. New suit already on the way and gloves are gonna have to be made in my shop.. err kitchen/garage

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Wow ... that's a heck of a project! And great call on the "thermochromic paint" - I can't wait to see that.


can't wait to see the final results. There is a Darth Talon in the Badlands garrison ... and she ... uhm ... well... she gets a lot of attention ;).

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Updated the original drawings of the costume. due to the gloves and gaunt's needing to be changed. New version has a more slimlined ab plate as well as a side cape and duel pistols as well as new boots. The gaunt's are still up in the air until we find something she likes.


Did some work today. Got the initial coat of metallic paint on the BFG pieces.








Probably should have primered, but live and learn. It's an undercoat anyhow so we'll see how it goes with the flat black exterior coat in a few days.


Also sanded and glued together the knees from IOA.







Can't wait to start painting those so I can get a good idea of how the paint scheme for the rest of the armor will turn out.


Here's a pic of the boots. They are my wife's old sportbike boots. Also a pic of the girth belt which was originally a large bra/tube top (not my wife's) and one of her belts which will be used in the costume.





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I was able to get a little done today. I put together the BFG but paint's still a little sticky so I'll wait a few days before I put on the flat black coat.




I also put the first coat of primer on the knees. They already look sweet :thumbsup:




Oh and the "jetpack" came in. I took a photo of it in it's basic form and with a coffee creamer bottle that i will use a pair of for the "jets".






Here's a pic on my wife for size reference. Tell me what you guys think. Should I even put the jets on? Since the pack sizes up pretty nice without them. I had the idea before I saw the pack on her back.



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I would have thought that was upside-down...




Oh yeah the cup at the top is going to be covered with a cone to become a missile similar to the Fett's. And we've decided the "jets" will be directly on the bottom of the pack instead of coming out the sides. I'll probably use two metal rings of some kind similar in shape to the cup that's currently on top :yes:


Or she could just fly feet first :whistling:

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I would have thought that was upside-down...




After much deliberation we have decided to go with your suggestion Iz (Does your lid still fit? :teehee: ) . I was reading in the merc forums that there is a specops det in mercs and a sniper merc needs a "spotter" which could be another person or a portable droid. So I will be installing a portable droid in the pocket that was originally on the bottom of the pack at the top. I'm hoping to make it foldable, poseable and possibly give it lights and sound. Plus it will keep the pack size small with just the one jet for quick bursts from danger rather than extended flight :thumbsup:



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Got some work done in the last few days...


Armor is rough cut










The collar armor still needs trimming once all the pieces are mounted and the center chest piece may be replaced with a flat piece vs. the shaped piece pictured


Knees are primed and sanded




Dual pistols are primed and rifle is flat blacked





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