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CRL Development - Imperial Army Sapper (Complete)

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References (Star Wars: Empire by Dark Horse Comics):


post-3-0-16585000-1526050143_thumb.jpg post-3-0-97102500-1526050157_thumb.jpg post-3-0-70528300-1526050165_thumb.jpg post-3-0-99000600-1526050180_thumb.jpg post-3-0-01254100-1526050188_thumb.jpg post-3-0-19734200-1526050262_thumb.jpg post-3-0-41898500-1526050273_thumb.jpg post-3-0-15858300-1526050283_thumb.jpg post-3-0-54800000-1526050298_thumb.jpg post-3-0-45845700-1526050307_thumb.jpg


BOOT EDIT 8/20/18

NEW EDIT 8/11/2018


Begin final  Edit 3/2/19


Required Costume Components

The following costume components are present and appear as described below. The basic costume uses most of the major components of the Imperial Army Engineer.


For 501st approval:

  • Open face helmet whose base consists of a dome with rim and helmet skirt.
  • The helmet skirt is to be smooth all around with no indentations on the rear.
  • The helmet is black in color with a flat or satin finish.
  • A black trim covers the edge of the helmet skirt and forehead of the dome.
  • Hearing protection is mounted to the inside of the helmet per source art. 
  • Black chin strap and chin cup
  • Two or four screw caps are mounted to either side of the helmet .


  • Goggles should have square like black frame with angled sides, and dark lenses. A black elastic strap holds the goggles to the helmet. 

Black Imperial Army Jumpsuit

For 501st approval:

One piece black coverall with a front invisible zipper and mandarin collar.

  • Each shoulder has a patch that sits 3-4" below shoulder seam
  • 2 large chest pockets.
  • 2 large cargo pockets sit on the outside of the legs from around mid-thigh and not extending past the bottom of the knee, with a rectangular flap covering the top of the pocket.
  • Rank bars of any kind are not permitted.
  • There are no pockets on sleeves or the font of the coverall leg.


For level two certification (if applicable)
  • Mandarin collar is closed by a chevron shaped strap across the neck
  •  A single black snap is present near the chevron point. Snap does not need to be functional.
  • Cargo pockets billow out to appear full.


Imperial Army Patch

For 501st approval:

  • Patch is shield shaped and is located between the elbow and the shoulder about midway.
  • The patch has an Imperial cog symbol approximately 2.75" - 3"  in diameter.
  • The background of the patch has a more narrow shield shaped design on top of a box colored a darker shade of green.
  • An olive green tab patch is permitted between the shield patch and the shoulder seam.


Black Gloves

For 501st approval:

  • Black, leather or leather-like, enclosed fingered, non-textured
  • Does not extend past the wrist.
  • No buckles or straps. 3 stitched lines on back of hand are allowed.
For level two certification (if applicable):
  • Square padding is present on back of hand.


Web Harness

For 501st approval:

  • Black colored, double strap "H" harness which travels from the lower back, and up over the shoulders.
  • The harness system attaches directly to the belt via snap hooks which may be visible.
  • Harness is made of 2" black nylon webbing. Black triglides for adjustment are permitted on the front or back of the suspenders.
  • The back of the suspenders may be permanently attached to the belt,  but is not required.

For level two certification (if applicable)

  • Harness fastens discreetly behind the belt
  • Tri-glides are present on the front suspenders for harness adjustment


Web Belt 

For 501st approval:

  • Belt is a black 2"-2.25" wide nylon military style quick release web belt.
  • Belt has grommets with eyelets along its length.


Belt Pouches

For 501st approval:

  • Belt pouches are black and should be made of nylon or similar material.
  • Two black belt pouches should be on either side of the belt buckle near where the harness meets the belt. MA47 double handcuff MOLLE PALS or other black nylon utility pouches are acceptable.
  • MP40 pouches are seen worn on both hips. Black Canvas, Leather or faux leather is acceptable.
  • A large black pouch is mounted to the back of the belt.
  • A large side pouch, gas mask pouch, dump pouch etc may be mounted to the left side of the belt.
  • Additional black MOLLE or similar style pouches such as Molle Strobe pouches fill out the belt are encouraged. 
All pouches should be stuffed to appear full.
For level two certification (if applicable):
  • Small belt pouches will make use of a visible single snap closure or appear to have such
  • Large belt pouches will make use of visible double snap closures or appear to have such.


Chest Pouches

For 501st Approval:

Black rectangular nylon chest pouches are worn between the shoulder straps.  1" -1.5" black nylon webbing mounts these to the shoulder straps. Either one large or two medium size pouches are seen in the source art. With minor modification black MOLLE pouches , First Aid pouches, SAW gunner pouches, gas mask pouches etc. are permitted for the chest pouch. No visible buckles or pull cords are permitted. Pouches will be stuffed to appear full.

  • Two medium-sized (approx. 3"x 5" with snap closures) chest pouches are seen on some troopers. They  do not have to be symmetrical.
  • One large pouch (approximately 8" x 5" with no visible closures) chest pouch is seen on on other troopers. 



For 501st approval:

  • Boots match source art references , I.E. "Commuter" style boot.
  • Calf high black leather or leather like material.
  • Jackboot style for basic approval and should be bloused down over the top of the boot.
  • Free of laces, decorative stitching, buckles or any other embellishments.
  • Normal leather grain/texture/lines are acceptable.
  • Tread on the soles and heels is acceptable
  • Boots may have a single adjustment strap at the top outside of the boot, with the buckle no wider than 1". This need not be functional.
  • Jackboot buckles should not be shiny and may be painted dingy grey or gun metal
  • Zippers on the inside of the boot are acceptable, so long as they are concealed. If not covered by leather or vinyl, zippers are painted black.

For level two certification (if applicable):



The Combat Engineer Backpack is used to carry the fundamental tools of the Combat Engineer to successfully plant their explosives or breaching charges.

For 501st Approval:

The pack has 2"  black shoulder straps with rectangular black pads made from nylon, heavy cotton or leather. Four black rectangular boxes matching the size and shape of the source art are mounted to match the angle  seen in the source art. No waist belt is present.

NOTE: A minimum of two different types of demolition charges outlined below are required for approval. 

There are five types of demolition charge seen in the source art mounted on the backpack in different locations. Two different types may be mounted to the top of the boxes. The charge mounted to the sides may be mounted to the left or right of the pack.

All demolition charges and mounting straps are painted black.  No color "warning" stripes or LEDs are permitted on the charges or pack.


  • The right side of the pack shall have either an explosive charge OR a long rectangular pouch with flap mounted as seen in source art. 
  • An entrenching shovel , string of small charges  or both as seen in the source art shall be mounted to the back of the pack.


  1. The first type of top-mounted demolition charge is roughly 4"- 4 ½" diameter with slightly larger end caps and is as wide as the backpack boxes. Both end caps feature 1" wide "coin slots" matching the diameter of the tube. Two mounting straps are present on this charge.
  2. A second charge type seen on top of the backpack is roughly 3.5"- 3.75"  diameter and longer than the pack is  wide.   The beveled ends feature a depressed area with a slightly raised lip, and  have 1" wide "coin slots" . Two mounting straps are present on this charge.
  3. A third charge type with flattened end caps slightly wider than the charge itself may be mounted to the right or left side of the pack. One Inch wide "Coin slots " are present on the end caps.
  4. A fourth type of demolition charge may be mounted to the bottom of the pack. It is almost as wide as the pack boxes and features rounded end caps with a flat depression at the ends of the caps.  
  5. A fifth type of small demolition charges may be  present horizontally along the bottom pack boxes below the shovel if mounted. These four charges are roughly the size of a can of soda, with a 2"-2.5" band around middle. There is an indented ring approximately 3/8"  below the top of the charge. The bottom of the charge is flat, the top is a dome and features a raised disc at the top of the dome. It is  permissible to use 2"-2 ½"  webbing for the band to hold the charges together in a group.


An entrenching shovel matching the source art may be mounted vertically to the back of the pack .

Right side pouch

A long black rectangular pouch may be mounted to the right side of the pack, replacing the demolition charge described above. The pouch is as long as the backpack boxes are tall and features a single snap closing the flap. Pouch will be stuffed to appear loaded. 

For level two certification (if applicable):

  • Backpack  may have a hidden frame and appears to be an angled plate snug to the wearers back. 
  • Backpack shoulder straps should appear to be 2-part adjustable consisting of webbing with a chevron shaped top strap.   A 1" "adjustment" strap passes over the shoulder , then goes into a hole in the strap, passes underneath the 2" strap  and then exits the strap just above the chevron point . The 1" strap shall have a nylon "keeper" mounted  below the point of the chevron.  The adjustments need not be functional but should match source art.


  • Level 2 Pack Option 1 
  • Basic backpack outlined above with Type B, type D explosive charges, long pouch on right side of pack and shovel. 


  • Level 2 Pack  Option 2
  • Basic backpack outlined above with Type A charge on top, Type C on the left side, long black pouch on the right side and  type E on the back of the pack. 




post-3-0-15114900-1525894637_thumb.jpeg E-11 Blaster

Manufactured by BlasTech Industries, the E-11 is standard-issue for many Imperial troops. Light, compact yet powerful, the E-11 blaster is always in high demand throughout the galaxy.

  • Based on a real or replica Sterling sub-machine gun, scratch-built, or a modified commercial toy Stormtrooper blaster.



END EDIT 3/2/2019


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Good catch...i never saw it but left it in from the IAT CCP i did from that CRL.


Ill do a strikethrough or something on that.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have made edits for readability and making sure that the proposal "matched itself" as far as content on the demolition charges.



Please take a look and give feedback on this, that way this proposal can move forward. Crookknights Imperial Packs was generous enough to draw up the plans for the pack, which I wrote into the proposal. Lets give him some business by making this a reality.

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Weighing in:


Rocker Patch:

  • The rocker patch is only on some units. There are panels where the Rocker is on one Combat Engineer, but not on the guy next to him. That should make it an optional accessory instead of a level 2 requirement.
  • It's probably some sort of rank rocker or specialization marking. Honestly I don't care, though I think have the text in Aurebesh should be required to keep the costume "in universe" and to keep the appearance uniform no matter what is inside the rocker.



  • MP40 pouches are also on the Combat engineers.
  • Don't forget an optional large pouch over the chest. (May end up being required, I'll need to go back and read the comic again.)
  • Pouch materials should probably be broken down by pouch. i.e. MP40 pouches are usually canvas or leather. Molle style are nylon.

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I replied but the system ate it?



I moved the tab patch down to the Optional area above the E11, and denoted Aurbesh. My wife used her embroidery program to make ours, which was on my first version uniform. So, its totally possible to do these, I have a small stack of them made here for our guys with her home embroidery machine, and Aurbesh TT font downloaded from the web. These could also be done in vinyl, likely more quickly and easily.



I changed the triple PALS pouch to MP40.

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One of the things we need to nail down is the locatuon of the caps on the helmet.they floatbetween mounted above the brim and below the brim, but are clearly not Greeblies.

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A second item for attention is the MP40 pouches.


Are they to be leather, canvas or both?

Etsy is full of them in either material.

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Apparently the quote function does not work on.my phone.


I would propose putting the caps above OR below the helmet strap but not both on the same helmet even tho there is one helmet with that arrangement.

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As far as the MP40 pouches go, I'd say either leather or canvas should be OK since we're dealing with a character from an illustration rather than a flesh and blood version form a movie.

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As far as the MP40 pouches go, I'd say either leather or canvas should be OK since we're dealing with a character from an illustration rather than a flesh and blood version form a movie.

I'd agree. Most costumes that carry MP40 pouches in the Legion actually specify that canvas and leather are both acceptable.

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Ill alter the text to read either material for the MP40s I also updated the CRL text to be more in line with the approved Engineer CRL.


What about the screw caps on the helmets I know from the chat I was part of that WTF had suspended production on the helmets pending a ruling on the caps and placement, and that was some time back, and I dont know if that has moved forward since the chat has moved away from that topic.


The art shows both locations; if the CRL is written to allow both, no one is wrong since both are shown while at least one helmet has none.








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I have been pulling apart CRLs and speaking with the LMOs all day regarding the IA Trooper and getting other CRLs ready of have image updates. I'm going to take a break and probably promote this to a pinned thread tomorrow. I'll also upload ALL the panels showing this unit in the comics so people can have a better idea of the overall look.


Big thing is going to be the size of the helmets. In some panels the helmets look larger than the normal trooper and is has hearing protection inside. Other panels, not so much. We'll need to come to a consensus. I would also like us to take another look at the boots. I'll be more specific when my eyes get a rest from staring at a screen.



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The pack is in another topic. Crookknight did a workup on that in Feb and the CRL PROPOSAL i wrote is based on his version of the pack and the source art.


Regarding helmet size some people look larger inside of helmets then others. When I was in the army we had guys who look like a turtle had lost his shell and been stuck inside of another Turtles shell because the helmets were so large on them. When we got our first generation Kevlar helmets some people barely fit in them. Because the earphones are only seeing in some art I would leave it as an option, instead of having to come up with a new resized helmet with ear phones

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Alright, I'm making a call on the development of the backpacks for approval.


The backpacks should be complete with the charges. Just because they've set and used the charges in a panel or two, isn't necessarily a reason to create a costume without them. Using an item that's standard issue to the character is different than actual costume differences. i.e. The packs having different configurations for types of charges and where they sit.

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I just tried to edit the proposal to remove the basic layout, and remove mention of configuration without charges. It says I dont have permission to share part of the post, likely the photos.

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Im mega tied up finishing a from- scratch armor build. Im totally out of the loop until the 28th. We leave for Mn on Tuesday and Ill be fone a week on the road.

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Im mega tied up finishing a from- scratch armor build. Im totally out of the loop until the 28th. We leave for Mn on Tuesday and Ill be fone a week on the road.

Totally take your time. We really don't need to have this complete until someone is ready to apply.

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Im mega tied up finishing a from- scratch armor build. Im totally out of the loop until the 28th. We leave for Mn on Tuesday and Ill be fone a week on the road.


Roger that!

Yesterday I had six people all over my house finishing up major assembly on the armor. We did my first major suit up and I walked around in the back yard on big old squishy foam size 26 feets!

I have built both costumes concurrently. Tonight I will finish the suit and pack it, we leave in the morning for the last MantiCon.

And when I say pack, I mean leave the upper body armor out of the Husky tote troopers use because its too big and too tall to fit in it!!!!!

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