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WEG Cannon Seatrooper Build

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Ok, moving the progress thread over to the new forums :D



Always wanted to make a Seatrooper costume, in fact I wanted to do it as my first suit before I got my TK. Kinda glad I didn't try it before I built the TK, because I learnt alot of skills that I am now using for the Seatrooper build :D And there isn't a cannon seatrooper around, the only one I know of is Mr Fett's blue one which got discounted.

Not as easy as it first seems, constructing this suit is. I've been working on my ideas for this over the last few months, but only recently got some material progress done, so figured it was time to start a progress thread.




I am constructing this suit 100% to the WEG references and would appreciate as much feedback as possible, this being the first cannon seatrooper suit, I'm going to need a fair bit of outside feedback. It is also my intention to document my build and put together a photo tutorial when I'm finished. That way people can know what works and what dosn't.


I have probably 80% of the prefabricated bits and pieces, still after a few odds and ends, but the helmet and gun are the two main parts I don't yet have. The biker armour was an easy acquisition, and probably the only easy part of the costume. Also probably the cheapest part *cringe* :blink:


All the custom built parts I am doing at the moment are going to be done in fiberglass for the final product. I just havn't had a day free to crack out the fiberglass, or all my projects that require it would be finished.


The Pack -




I havn't yet fixed the control panel down yet, but I need an opinion. At the top of the control console, it seems to be an inverted 'T', but I have a feeling that it is actually square (hence how I've done it in my photo) however, I'm not sure. What do you guys think, should I extend that top bit to sit flush with the top of the pack? Other than that, just gotta finish the other dome, fiberglass it and put some straps and tank toppers on. Also, the grooved bits on the side below the hose opening, do you think something should be sitting behind them? I was going to put a mesh there, but not too sure now.


What do you think of the pack so far???


Cummerbund -


Don't actually have this yet, but I'm just thinking a normal scout cummerbund without pouches will do the job.


Dropboxes -


The normal Bikerscout drop boxes are not adequate as they are missing the top panel. So I custom built these as well, using the same dimensions as the biker scout ones.




Gloves -


I was just going to use my normal TK gloves. Any objections?


Cheers for reading and any input is appreciated. Stay tuned for updates :peace:

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The only problem I would have with being a sea trooper, is wearing fins on dry land, but you may opt to not wear the fins while trooping. I have my open water diving license, and I usually go with the boots with slip on fins that tighten in the back so i don't have to always wear the fins. With the pack, I think you got the right idea going there. I am OCD, so, even when I finish something, I always find something that I want to fix or change (the "never satisfied with own work" disorder xD) lol


Can't wait to see the finished product!

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Haha, yeah I'm a little OCD myself, to the point where I blew up my ref pic by 400% and took measurements of myself and accurately scaled that backpack! :P I have a plan for the fins ;) I'm a divemaster myself (hence the interest in this costume) and I've consulted a few people about how the fin in the image can be made and worn.


Thanks for the input, the costume is steaming along nicely. Any more input would be greatly appreciated. I'd be really keen to hear what others think about the center of the pack between the two cylinders on the back image. Does anyone think that the panel should extend up to make an inverted T or should I keep it rectangular as in the image above?

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I not this is the place to put it, this is my idea of how to build a seatrooper, I hope you like it on the bottles have to be designed from scratch how little respect is, to be the closest thing.



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Sorry, been quite busy lately, hoping to get some more progress done on this at the weekend. Been given a good idea to do the shins so I'll be looking into that a bit.


@Seal, yeah I've seen that image, the trick is though that its the only image where the armour looks like that, so getting 501st approval would be tricky. Even with the 3 references for the WEG seatrooper that I'm doing, it's a little up in the air whether or not it'll get approved depending on who I talk to. And take my word for it, while it 'looks' like a standard biker, there are a lot of custom parts because the standard biker doesn't quite fit. When I get the custom bits done I'll take a photo of custom to pre-fab bits involved in my build.


Anyway, All I really have left to do is rebuild the chest plate, shins and pelvis and fiberglass it all. Then just the helmet and spear gun are left.

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Well I know for a fact that there is a sea trooper out there somewhere. I saw one for sale about a year ago. Not sure if it's canon or not, but it looked pretty sweet. Can't remember which boards I saw it on, but I'll try to dig it up.

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Lol, awesome Mando! Looks like a cross between the Aquatic Assault Clone and a Mando. Sorry about the lack of updates, been really busy with work and uni lately. I am hoping to have some more progress done by the end of the week, borrowed a heat gun last weekend so I could bend the plastic armor I have to fit my body.


As for the Navy Blue seatrooper, I believe that it was discounted from the 501st because there are no reference pics that show it being blue. I think after that it was sold to a guy here is Aus, asked him for some pics last year when I was researching this, but he said it was still in a box somewhere. Not 100% sure on how true any of this is though.

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Well, I finally got around to doing some work on the project again today, no photos though, lost the cable for my camera :( Got the plastic bits I can use cut to my size and shaped. Working on a new chest plate and coming up with concepts for the pelvis and speargun while the cummerbund and helmet are in the works :) Will find my cable and put some photos up when I finish the chest. It's all starting to come together!

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Yeah, last semester of uni is quite demanding, havn't had alot of time to devote to this project lately. However, change in timetable has given me some more time off, so shouldn't be too hard to finish this off. Going to get some sculpting tips next weekend, figured it would be too much trouble, effort and money to completely modify a scout bucket to look like Commander Aban's bucket (I want this to be as accurate as possible) so I'm going to sculpt the helmet from scratch. Hopefully I'll get the cummerbund finished that weekend as well then I should be able to don the majority of the costume. The custom pieces still need a paint job, but I'll do them all at once and the backpack still needs straps. Trying to get it done before a big AP we're having next month. Slowly getting there though. Photos to come, still need to find my cable.

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