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Force Unleashed Jumptrooper Build!

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So to get back in the swing of things, I present to you guys, the Jumptrooper from the Force Unleashed. Yep, my next major build. I decided to shelve my Shocktrooper build for the moment for something "slightly" less intense to build. Scubacat was poking me about doing the helmet at Celebration, and well since I already have the EVO Trooper, I thought I'd go ahead and do this guy too!


So unfortunately I had some stuff come up so I wasn't able to work on the JKII Shadowtrooper helmet like I wanted. But I was able to get a few things done to get this project started. So here we go!




To start off I pulled the 3D model from the game. I then removed all the parts that won't have to be scratch built. I will be able to use regular Stormtrooper style parts for the shins, thighs (with some easy modifications), butt plate, kidney plate, ab plate, belt, back plate and the handplates. Everything else needs to be custom made.




The kneeplates, cod plate, chest plate, shoulders and the chest plate (with the additional piece of armor below it) will be made from 1/2" EVA foam and then coated/reinforced with fiberglass resin. The jetpack, biceps, helmet and possibly the forearms will be 3D printed.


The original jetpack model is a little low definition, so I started remodeling it to get a better 3D print!






While I was at it, I started remodeling a number of the other parts. Namely the little bits and pieces on the chest plate for the hose connections. Also remade the tube that sits at the bottom of the chest.



Finally I remodeled the bicep belt! And it is all ready to be 3D printed!



Tomorrow I start 3D printing!




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Worked on the Shadowtrooper helmet a bit today, nothing exciting to show off there. Then I went out and got some supplies for this build, namely some foam mats to build the armor for this trooper. And here's what I got done tonight! I was able to get the little armor plate that goes between the chest and ab plate. I made a little tool from some scrap copper tubing to cut the holes out. Next step, fiberglass resin!









Meanwhile I ran the 3D printer all today to get the biceps printed out! Tomorrow I'll start getting the chest tube made up.






So that's the progress for today! I'm hoping to get started on the chest plate tomorrow night. :D

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Thanks Torri! I've got a few reference pics to post up too. I spent some time analyzing this trooper in-game the other day! :thumbsup:


Here's what I got done last night too. Got the tube that hangs underneath the chest plate printed out.





Also messed around with the forearms. At first I was going to 3D Print then I decided to make them out of foam. I made a couple different templates, one based on the original model and another based on my 3D model and made up some arms based on each. THEN I realized I forgot about the straps that around the wrist end of the forearm, so I'm back to 3D printing them. :)







And finally, I remodeled the little shin ammo belt to 3D print.





I'll also be sure to post up all of these models and templates for anyone that wants to tackle this trooper! :D

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Dusting this thread off, way past time to get back to armor building!


So I've been back tracking a little bit on this build. I decided to go straight to 3D printing most of the new parts, so I've been working on new 3D models for some of the parts that I had made from foam. The chest and cod piece will still be made from foam, but almost everything else is getting 3D printed now. I've done some experimenting over the summer with my 3D printer. I drilled out a spare nozzle to 1.6mm, formerly it was 0.4mm. So it lays down thicker lines, which in turn means it spends less time building up a thick wall and drastically reduce the overall print time. The downside is that the surface is a little messier, but I don't care much since I'll be sanding and filling it anyway.


Worked on the little chest plate extension first.




Then started working on the shoulder bell. It took a lot of trial and error, but I finally got something workable. After printing I'll need to drill all the holes in them, no big deal.




And finally the knee plates are the same as the EVO Trooper. They just have a bunch of holes in them and they don't have the edge trim.





SO everything should be ready to do some 3D printing! I'm going to go through all the parts and figure out much filament I need this weekend and get some material ordered!




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Awesome! Do you have the 3D files for all of these? If so I can pay you for them! Lol. I really want to build this trooper.



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Yep, Torri I have the files and will probably work on getting them uploaded tomorrow or Monday. Completely free, no payment needed. I'll make a post just like my recent EVO Trooper post, with everything listed. Next weekend, I think I'm going to start making up the 3D models for this guy's blaster. :thumbsup: For all my future trooper projects, I plan to post all the 3D models that I made/used to help you guys out.


Right now, it's looking like I'll need another 4 rolls of filament to finish the armor. Probably 6 total needed including what I've printed already and the blaster.

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That isn't that bad! This will be awesome! You are the best bro! I have been wanting to make this bad boy for a long time. Now all I need is a base TK to get it started. We will look so cool!



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I haven't forgotten about this build. Recently did some reorganizing in my workshop and found some spare parts to help move this build along. Also finally got my 3D printer freed up from projects for other people, so I could finally get some 3D printing done for this build.


Started off by 3D printing the chest extension.




And here it is on the ab plate. The ab plate was an old part I found, and have started cleaning up. The Jumptrooper still has the usual 9 buttons, but no other detail on the little center raised part.




And today I was able to print out the kneeplates as well as one of the shoulders. Been using a 1.6mm diameter nozzle (as opposed to 0.4mm nozzle I usually use), so I can get these parts printed out extremely fast. Only downside is there can be some interesting artifacts on the surface, but I don't care too much since I will sand and fill them anyway. The other shoulder will be finished tomorrow, and then I can finish printing the helmet. :)





And finally I've started converting the regular TK-style cod plate to match the Jumptrooper cod. Started by using some sheet plastic to fill in on each side of the ridge. Then I put a few coats of body filler over this to make it a Jumptrooper cod plate. I sanded the filler and then applied some spot putty to take care of some of the voids. Tomorrow I'll get that sanded down and then hit it with some filler primer.







After the cod/ab are ready to go, I'll be tackling the thighs since I dug some up from my spare parts box. And then on to getting the chest plate made while I get parts printed out!




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Hey Torri, check your PMs. Holding off on uploading the files right now, just to make sure everything prints out fine. :thumbsup:


Anyway more progress! Finished printing the other shoulder bell. Next step is to drill all the holes out and then smooth the surface.




Finished sanding the cod plate and hit it with some filler primer.




Then I started to make up the chest plate. Did some shaping with a heat gun and then fiberglassed it.





Unfortunately the heat from the fiberglass curing started to warp it. So I scrapped it, and started to make one from Sintra. Got tired of that and decided to work on the 3D model to get it ready for 3D printing. :P Hopefully I should get some time later this week to start printing it out. The main box is easily enough made from sheet plastic so that won't be 3D printed (hence the giant hole in the chest plate model). After the chest get printed out, I'll start printing the rest of the helmet.





I also had a kidney plate that I had cut up for an old project. Tried to glue it back together, but became too much of a hassle. I'll just get a new kidney plate. Also found some leg armor from other abandoned projects, they'll work just fine for the Jumptrooper. Just need to get a right shin and I'll be all set for parts!





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Awesome work bro! Lol darn messages not letting me know that I actually have them. All of this is so awesome! Which version are you wanting to make? Also will we be able to have those awesome BFGs? I would love to be the first chick standing next to you at celebration with this!



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Thanks for the comments guys! Yeah the armor building skills are a little rusty (been much too long since I've made a trooper), but it's coming together nicely.


Torri, I'm making the version from the first Force Unleashed. And yes I plan to 3D model a BFG, but right now the main focus is on getting the armor together to get the trooper approved.


Anyway, been busy working on other projects, so haven't had a whole lot of time this week for armor. I did get the shin I have together and mocked up with a knee plate. :)






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Dusted of the 3D printer today, and finally got some more printing done for this project.




Don't worry it'll be a chest plate eventually. :) Two parts to print out, and that is done. Then the main box will be made from sheet plastic and glued in place. Then I can finish printing the helmet then move on to the jetpack.




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While I wait for more filament for the 3D printer, I started working on some of the decals for the helmet. I recently bought a vinyl cutter, so I can make my own decals and paint masks now. :) I still have a couple things to draw up and a couple little adjustments to make, but I'm pleased with how everything turned out.





And then I did a test cut of the decals and brought out my EVO Trooper helmet sculpt for a quick mock-up.


Dome decal






And the cheek stripes




Once I finalize them, I'll throw the templates in the Jumptrooper Files thread.




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Been awhile,but I'm diving back into this build! Got tied up with our WWII halftrack and other projects that left me with zero time for 501st related stuff recently. But I'm back at it! I also had some issues with my 3D printer and it sat dormant for far too long. So I fixed the printer and did some quick test prints and got back to work printing Jumptrooper parts and well, this picture should speak for itself.  :D


Also modeled and printed some new detail parts for the helmet.




So the helmet is glued together and started doing some sanding/smoothing before I slap some body filler on it. I'll probably give it another pass before filler, but I'm pleased with how it's looking so far considering how rough the original model was.


And then got on a search for the boots for this trooper and came across this pair is quite close in style to the references.


Finally, started printing out the jetpack, the last thing to be printed for this build.


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