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Sith Trooper reference pictures

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A thread for Sith Trooper references.

Some nice pics of weapons, blade and claw weapons appear to have same base/handle sections.





Mega barrel F11D


3E335D85-D6F4-4ADA-BD67-1179313709C9.jpegImage result for sith trooper0HZ3P9O.png





Although a little hard to make out it appears the circle on the backplate is only half black, and there is shoulder tabs, can't wait to see more images from SDCC


One detail on the smaller figure is the inset box on the forearms are not on the inner of the box, they are on the outer. May just be one of those quirky things we see on figures from time to time

TFA CRL: Forearms shall have a box on the bottom the wrist end. Each box shall have a single black square in the lower inside corner.


Image result for sith trooper

Related image


Image result for sith trooper

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Awesome man.  Thanks!  I will actually download these and do a new thread where these can be uploaded direct to the forums.  We also created a new forum sub-section for this costume (so hopefully the costume threads can be found w/ better ease).

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Some opinions and screen caps that I found interesting



Clip on the top and connecting seam on the ribs?

Good shot of under the bicep


Thigh holster is nothing like the FO version

Shin seams on the inside (front overlapping the back) both have different greeblies

Spats look the same

The feet armor is similar to Phasma but only one armor plate instead of two, looks like there is "ribbing" on the sides of it


More ribbing everywhere on the back (shins, thighs, etc....)


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The pulled Sith Trooper description


"In it's ultimate push toward galactic conquest, the First Order readies an army of elite soldiers that draw inspiration and power from a dark and ancient legacy."



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